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Meet The Maker Dinner with La Quercia

Great conversation with the people behind the meat.  

Five courses. Four beers. One cider. Huge deliciousness. One memorable night.

Meet the creators of La Quercia cured meats, who have traveled all the way to us from the heartland of Iowa. Herb and Kathy Eckhouse were inspired by prosciutto revelations in Parma, where they once lived. They set out to create equally sublime and regional cured meat here in the USA. La Quercia is Italian for “the oak” –referring to the the traditional symbol of Parma and the state tree of Iowa. In addition La Quercia’s humanely and sustainable raised heritage pigs feast upon acorns to create the coveted and limited edition Acorn Prosciutto which we are lucky enough to feature on our Meet The Maker menu.

Murray’s Cheese Bar Chef Amy Stonionis uses their super-flavorful cured meats in five courses, paired with beer (and cider) and rollicking conversation. Chat with Herb &  Kathy as you dig into their creations.