Meet the Maker with Walter Rass
5:00 pm17:00

Meet the Maker with Walter Rass

  • Murray's Cheese Bar

JOIN US FOR AN extended Happy Hour: FRIDAY JUNE 23RD | 5PM-7PM

Murray's Cheese Bar will be hosting world-class cheesemaker Walter Rass as part of our exclusive Meet the Maker series. Known for the world famous Challerhocker and the Murray's exclusive, Annelies. Rass will be talking cheese over beer, wine, and cider.

Meet the Maker Happy Hour with Fanny Breuil Grappes & Terroirs Rhone Wines
4:00 pm16:00

Meet the Maker Happy Hour with Fanny Breuil Grappes & Terroirs Rhone Wines

We are thrilled to be hosting Fanny Breuil, winemaker of Grappes and Terroir from
Grappes and Terroir is the culmination of her time in the wine business. After years in the industry she decided to try her hand at making it. Together with a friend from her oenology studies, she gathers Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, and Carignan from organic vineyards at the foot of Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail, seeking out old vines (most of them over 60 years), and vinifying the wine without oak in order to achieve the freshest possible expression of Ventoux.

When she's not working on Grappes & Terroir, she acts a wine exporter, and will be showing off another producer (and friend) from her portfolio: the orange wines of Azienda Agricola Denavolo. These are produced by Giulio Armani, who you might know as the wine maker from La Stoppa. At Denavolo he produces thoughtful white wines with months of skin contact, and absolutely no additives or corrections.

We will offer a wine and cheese flight showcasing Fanny’s Ventoux Rouge and the unique Denavolo orange wines.

Meet The Maker Happy Hour w/Autumn Stoscheck from Eve's Cidery
5:00 pm17:00

Meet The Maker Happy Hour w/Autumn Stoscheck from Eve's Cidery

Join us Thursday, September 1st 5-7pm

Autumn founded Eve’s Cidery with her waitressing savings when she was 21 as a way to prune apple trees for a living. She does get to be a pruner, but also a plumber, an accountant, a tractor operator and a tank cleaner among other jobs. As a child, Autumn grew up immersed in painting, drawing and making art. As a young adult, she became enamored with the hard yet meaningful work of sustainable farming. For Autumn, growing apples and making them into cider is the intersection of creativity and labor.  And it’s theses two ideals that motivate her work: To make beautiful cider and to farm in harmony with nature.

Since that time she has been messing around at that intersection of farming, micro-biology and art, thrilled to be joined in collaboration with her husband Ezra Sheman and seventh generation orchardist James Cummins. She is lucky to be surrounded by a generous community of winemakers, apple growers and nurserymen who have always answered her questions about weird tasting cider and dying apple trees. Shortly after the birth of her first child, Autumn decided to move the orchard into organic production, an uncommon move for an East Coast grower, and an ongoing and thrilling project.  She has also devoted a significant amount of her time over the past several years to fighting fracking in New York State. Recently, she and a few other dedicated people have been working to form the nascent New York Cider Association whose mission is to repopulate the state with thriving orchards growing cider apples for a world class cider industry.

Eve’s Ciders: ($8 a glass or a flight of all three $12)
Albee Hill
Beckhorn Hollow
Pear Cider
Cider Cocktail 10

3 Cheeses or 3 Meats $12
Spiedie Curds $10
Dinosaur Chicken Wing Flight $12
Salt Potatoes $6

in addition our full dinner menu will be available.

*This is a first come first serve event. Reservations are encouraged for parties of 4 and above. Drinks & food are a la carte.

Meet The Maker Happy Hour with Shacksbury Cider & Ainara Otaño
5:00 pm17:00

Meet The Maker Happy Hour with Shacksbury Cider & Ainara Otaño

Join us for a night of cider and Spanish bite and cheese! 

Petritegi Sagardoa cider house was built in the early 16th century, but her family began to operate it in the early 1900s. She's the fifth generation cider maker and one of the only female cider makers in the business. “We got connected because we wanted to collaborate with a producer in the Basque region because their style of cider is so unique and so few were making it to the United States. We started working together in fall 2013 to make a traditional Basque cider (our "Basque") and it has become one of our most successful ciders. The cider is made entirely at their cidery (from pressing to aging and bottling) and then we bring it over and sell it here. What began as a small project has morphed into a cornerstone of who we are and what we love most about this business - making beautiful, fruit-focused cider with amazing people.”  – Dave Dolginow, Shacksbury Cider

*This is a first come first serve event. Reservations are encouraged for parties of 4 and above.

Drinks & Food are a la carte.

7:00 pm19:00

Meet The Maker with Artesa Winery, Napa Valley Meet Ana Diogo Draper, Winemaker

Join us for a night of wine and cheese! 

$75 Per Person  | 5 courses & 5 wines

Share stories and wine with Ana Diogo Draper, the Director of Winemaking at Artesa Winery in Napa Valley. Executive Chef Mike Ciardi has created a special menu that pairs Ana’s beautiful wines with vegetables from New York’s Hudson Valley Starling Yards Farm, along with a selection of cheeses that showcase the diversity and quality of cheesemakers on both coasts.

*Vegetarian optons available, please make this known when purchasing your tickets*

7:30 pm19:30

Meet The Maker with Other Half Brewing

"A culinary adventure in a night of drinking..."

Murrays Cheese Bar, in collaboration with Other Half Brewing, present 24 hours in NYC. A New York inspired dinner featuring 5 Other Half beers paired with 5 courses, that will take you on a culinary and beverage journey from the evening to the next morning in two hours.

*Vegetarian optons available, please make this known when purchasing your tickets*

12:00 pm12:00

Meet The Maker Brunch with Consider Bardwell

Great conversation with the people behind the cheese and ciders.

Four courses. Four cheeses. Four ciders. Flavors to blow you away. An epic brunch.  

Consider Bardwell Farm was the very first cheese-making co-op in Vermont, founded in 1864 by Consider Stebbins Bardwell himself. A century later, Angela Miller and Russell Glover bought the farm and continued the tradition of making incredible small batch Vermont cheeses. Consider Bardwell uses goat milk from their own herd, and cow milk from their neighbors in West Pawlet’s picturesque rolling hills.They sustain-ably source meat from their cows, whey-fed pigs and eggs from their hens.

Murray’s Cheese Bar Chef Amy Stonionis presents four courses of total Vermont joy,incorporating the farm’s humanely raised meats and eggs. The courses will be paired with Vermont ciders, Slyboro, Shacksbury and Eden Ice Cider.  Meet these incredible cheese makers and cider makers as you feast upon their delicious creations.

7:00 pm19:00

Meet The Maker Dinner with La Quercia

Great conversation with the people behind the meat.  

Five courses. Four beers. One cider. Huge deliciousness. One memorable night.

Meet the creators of La Quercia cured meats, who have traveled all the way to us from the heartland of Iowa. Herb and Kathy Eckhouse were inspired by prosciutto revelations in Parma, where they once lived. They set out to create equally sublime and regional cured meat here in the USA. La Quercia is Italian for “the oak” –referring to the the traditional symbol of Parma and the state tree of Iowa. In addition La Quercia’s humanely and sustainable raised heritage pigs feast upon acorns to create the coveted and limited edition Acorn Prosciutto which we are lucky enough to feature on our Meet The Maker menu.

Murray’s Cheese Bar Chef Amy Stonionis uses their super-flavorful cured meats in five courses, paired with beer (and cider) and rollicking conversation. Chat with Herb &  Kathy as you dig into their creations.

5:30 pm17:30

Meet the Master with Other Half Brewery & Murray's Cavemaster Reserve

Cheese Bar lovers now have something else to enjoy alongside their favorite fromage:  Other Half Brewing beers.  

Join us on March 30th for a rollicking night of beer & cheese.  Our 4th dinner in Murray’s Meet the Maker series features a modern adaptation of a turn of the century inspired beer hall menu:  5 courses, 5 Other Half beers paired with 5 of our Cavemaster Reserve cheeses. Be the first to get your hands (and taste buds!) on our newest Cavemaster cheese, The Other Stephen, a limited edition local triple crème washed in Other Half Short Dark and Handsome beer.  It’s a malty, rich treat, best washed down with one of Chef Amy’s new beer slushies. 

6:00 pm18:00

Rockin' Raclette Party with Spring Brook Farm & Jeremy Stephenson

We invite you to dine with one of our favorite cheesemakers from Spring Brook Farm, Jeremy Stephenson. Featuring a dedicated Raclette menu and delicious ciders poured by the cider makers from Eden Cider and Farnum Hill.

In the third installation of our Meet The Maker series at Cheese Bar we will be working with Spring Brook Farm.  SpringBrook Farm is a traditional dairylocated in Reading, Vermont and home to over 100 Jersey cows. The farm produces two award winningAlpine cheeses: Tarentaise and Reading, and plays host to the Farms For City Kids organization.The City Kids program hosts over 750 urban youth annually, providing them with the unique learning opportunity of living and working at a fully operational dairy farm.  This program has the power to positively change many lives, and we are truly inspired by their work, outreach, and cheese making.  

At Cheese Bar, Reading is the foundation of our famous Mac N’ Cheese and our seasonal Raclette service.  We are proud to host Jeremy Stephenson, the cheesemaker and program director at Spring Brook, for our Rockin’ Raclette Party! There will be lots of melting Reading Raclette wheels, an extended Raclette menu, fun condiments and traditional Alpine fare. In addition to all the cheesy fun, Vermont cider-makers Eden Cider and Farnum Hill will be in house serving up their wonderful ciders, which are our beverages of choice for all the Raclette goodness!  

Join us, Spring Brook Farm, Eden Cider, and Farnum Hill for a rocking good time!

12:30 pm12:30

Brunch with Vermont Creamery

Special guest Allison Hooper, Founder of Vermont Creamery

Murray’s Cheese Bar is excited to host our second installment of the “Meet the Maker” series with a special brunch with longtime partner Vermont Creamery. Join us for a 4-course brunch showcasing the creamery’s cheeses and product along with the amazing terroir of Vermont.  Each course will have a special wine pairing.  And what’s most special about the day is that we’ll be joined by Allison Hooper, co-founder of the creamery which just celebrated its 30th anniversary. 

Vermont Creamery’s pioneer vision of goat farming and goat cheese making in Vermont is a source of inspiration and sustainability at its greatest. Their vision keeps on growing, evolving, giving to and supporting the agricultural landscape of Vermont. VC’s exceptional cheeses and product combined with the beautiful network of goat dairies they have created is proof that dreams do come true!  Creating cheese plates and dishes at Cheese Bar daily with their cheeses and watching our guests fall in love with their goat cheeses is one of the most rewarding moments of working in cheese.  

6:00 pm18:00

Dinner with Jasper Hill Farm

Special guest Mateo Kehler, Founder of Jasper Hill

Jasper Hill Farm has made it their mission to create a model for revitalization of the sustainable Vermont agricultural working landscape. Not only do so many of our tried and true favorites come from The Cellars at Jasper Hill, they also have implemented green machine technology and a whey-fed pork program, just a few examples of their dedication and commitment to sustainability.

The concept for this dinner is a walk-through of Jasper Hill in 5-cheese focused courses. You can expect plenty of cheese, dishes featuring whey-fed pig, seasonal ingredients and pairings with Vermont brewed beer showcasing the unique taste of Vermont.